Huron Caf Goes Green

There have been students asking for improved waste-management at the Dining Hall for years. I was asking for it many years ago when I was the O’Neil rep and placed on the Cafeteria Committee. There have been many different ideas of how to improve the Dining Hall’s sustainability practices but there is one coming that might actually be the answer. Due to student pressure about many issues, one solution serves to potentially solve quite a few of them. Switching to an All-You-Care-To-Eat model helps both to decrease prices and includes silverware and real plates and bowls (funny distinction between this and All-You-Can-Eat hey? 😅). Jennifer Flynn-Clark, AVP Students of Huron University, mentioned this proposed model at the Town Hall on March 27th. Once I learn more about the potential for the Dining Hall to move to this system, I will report it here. This is potentially a huge student-advocacy win that has been a LONG time coming.