SAC Renovation and New Building Update

Sooooo, let’s talk about this student-space situation. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Madi (outgoing VP Finance and Administration of two terms) and Inam (outgoing President), the $20,000 SAC renovation budget was all set to go. Then, the new building was officially proposed and set in motion. The need for a student space to exist in the new building is clear and I have been meeting regularly with administration to relay student needs and wants for the space (email me with yours Because of this, we would effectively be getting a new Student Activity Centre, named the Beaver Dam, in exchange for the current SAC. With shovels being put (literally) in the ground this past week, it’s clear the building is en route. So, that leaves the HUCSC in the middle where the existing space needs updating, but if it won’t be a student-centric space soon, should we spend money to update it? The answer that our council has come to is, no. However, current students shouldn’t have to live with a less-desirable space without getting the benefit that new students will have with the new building. This means that of the $20, 000 allocated, we will be using a small portion (maybe a couple hundred dollars) to perform some SAC updates. The rest of the funds will go toward the new student space, or more pressing student issues in the interim. It’s great that incoming students will get this building but it leaves current students a bit in limbo and a major investment into the current SAC would be a relatively inappropriate use of student-funds for a soon-to-be non-student space (I think I am trying to corner the market on the amount of hyphens you can use in a sentence!!).

“So CC that’s great and all but what are you doing to advocate for student-space needs right now?”

Thanks for asking! 😉 Knowing my commitment to student-serving-spaces and Huron’s lively performing arts groups, I am in favour of Huron’s potential new auditorium/theatre. V214 and the SAC have been amazing stages for the last couple of years, but Huron is bursting at the seams with performing arts talent and the school needs to respond to this. Because of this, I spoke in a video asking donors to contribute to the new auditorium (how much do I look like a reporter?? Be honest; I can take it. Do you like my scrunchie? Also, had anyone heard Billie Eilish’s new album? Bad Guy is such a bop.)