Working harder for you!

Sept 24, 2019

What an incredible three weeks we have had so far on campus. All of our team’s planning over the last 8 months is coming to be reality. Every event, initiative, and communication has rolled out smoothly. My executive team is working effectively with their own portfolios and building up internal and external relationships. Over the last three weeks, I have met with over 130 people and spent an average of 25 hours per week working on council-related items. Our council’s strategic foresight has allowed us to remain flexible as the school year is starting, keeping us agile with a culture that strongly resembles a start-up. Below I have highlighted some work that I thought wouldn’t normally make it to day-to-day conversation, isn’t confidential, and I thought would be interesting for the greater public.

President’s Round Table

I attended a President’s round table meeting this week where all of the Presidents from all constituencies across campus (faculties, affiliates, Law, Ivey, and USC) met to discuss how best we can support out students. Getting to know other student Presidents throughout the university is a fantastic opportunity for me to learn from others and share my successes and learnings. It is one of the parts of my job that I love. We discussed multiple topics at length throughout the meeting. We began by providing a brief update on our constituencies. Then moved onto topics including Broughdale and Purple Fest, looked at the USC budget and explored some inter-council events. These are just some of the ways that we collaborate with other councils across campus. We have got a great year ahead of us.

Student Experience Meeting

As a member of USC, I sit on the Student Experience Committee. Each person who is a councillor on USC sits on a committee, which is a structure we have at the HUCSC as well. These groups help support other USC activities and can act as a ‘checks-and-balances’-type mechanism. This committee reviews all parts of USC and Western that are related to student life (items that typically fall under the Student Programs Officer, Cecilia Liu). This year, the committee wants to take action on a number of items and thus has created a method to systematically review key aspects under the SPO portfolio. We spent time reviewing the USC services within the peer support portfolio and assessed many of the services with external consulting assistance. Your councils this year are dedicated to making sure our students feel support on campus. My team includes me, the Ivey councillor, and the FIMS President. We are assessing the Peer Support Center and how more students can become aware of the service and increase its utilization. So far we have met with the Associate who leads the Peer Support Center and we are assessing its engagement channels. We meet again next week to discuss our independent research as well.

Clubs Week

We had been gearing up all summer as a council for clubs week which took place last week. Under the leadership of VP Student Affairs, Natalie Cross, we engaged with hundreds of students and successfully acquired many new clubs members. We had an incredible turnout and have almost double the clubs interest this year as previous years, which is due to the strong student engagement this year. In my campaign, I prioritized upper-year engagement and my team and I worked through the various ways we could achieve that. Two ways that we are re-engaging upper year students is through the re-establishment of Flag Football and strongly encouraging students to start new clubs/join existing ones. Clubs and intramurals are a great way to bring students of all years together for a common goal, cause, or interest. We can’t wait for all to come with clubs this year and all the energy they bring.

Drag 101 Show

The Drag 101 show last week that happened in Apps International house had a great turnout and was a blast! Your HUCSC execs had a really great time dressing up and participating in the event. It was so great to meet the Queens as well as new and past Huron students. I am so glad the event happened, and I hope that Valeeta and her team put on another event like it as I feel it adds great value to our diverse community. HUCSC will be putting on its own LGBTQ+ programming through our Pride Commissioner, once hired, under the direction of our VP Student Events, Chris Chettelburgh.


I will also take the opportunity to plug that we now have lockers for sale at They look great and we are pleased to be able to offer students a safe storage space for their belongings. They are located in the V2 wing near V214 and cost $60 for the year. Students will bring their own lock.