Here are the six Committees.

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Clubs Standing Committee

The Clubs Standing Committee is mandated with the ratification of clubs at Huron. It is
responsible for the approval of club constitutions and the allocation of the HUCSC clubs budget.
This standing committee, and its members, are a resource for club presidents as well as those
wishing to start a club.


Discipline Standing Committee

The Discipline Committee is tasked with ensuring elected HUCSC members uphold proper
standards. If an elected member of Council does not adhere to proper procedure, this committee
will meet to discuss if dismissal of said member is warranted.


Elections Standing Committee

The Elections Committee makes all decisions regarding election rules violations and enforces the
rules for all candidates as per the HUCSC elections policy.


Finance Standing Committee

The Finance Standing Committee oversees the management of the HUCSC Budget. They are
tasked with everything from reviewing grant applications to ensuring the ethical spending of
student dollars.

The Finance Committee will be meeting:

1st Semester: November 20th

2nd Semester: TBD


Governance Standing Committee

The Governance Standing Committee evaluates policies of the HUCSC.The committee ensures
all HUCSC documents are up to date and accurate. Before a new policy or amendment is brought
forward to council, this council reviews and ensures that new policies are not in conflict with the
constitution or by-laws.

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Affiliate Appeals Board

The Affiliate Appeals Board reviews decisions made by each of the student councils from Huron
Brescia. If an appeal is made to the Board, the members meet to ensure that the council in
question acted according to its constitution and policies.


Dining Hall Committee

The Dining Hall Committee is a committee of HUCSC General Assembly members who meet
with Huron’s Dining Hall Manager and Head Chef to bring student concerns and suggestions to
the attention of the Dining Hall management. This committee works closely with our partners at
the Dining Hall to provide solutions and improvements to meet the demands of students.


The Beaver Dam

The Beaver Dam is Huron's campus bar and service hub proudly owned and operated by the HUCSC.

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