A full list of vacant positions is available below. Election nomination forms are due any time before the all candidates meeting on Monday September 22nd. Please note that non-elected commissioner positions will be open for applications from September 24th to September 30th. All candidates are required to attend an all council meeting on Sunday, October 5th, if elected. The complete election policy can be downloaded here.

Available Elected Positions:

Residence Representatives:

Hellmuth Hall Representative (1)

Southwest Residence Representative (1)

O’Neil/Ridley Representative (2)

First Year Off-Campus Representative (1)

USC Residence Representative (1) 

Year and Program Representatives:

2nd Year Representative (1)

3rd Year Representative (1)

4th Year Representative (1)

Mature Student Representative (1)

International Student Representative (1)

Psychology Representative (1)

Economics Representative (1)

Philosophy Representative (1)

French & East Asian Studies (1) 



Who can vote for me?

Each candidate for a representative position can be voted in by the constituents they will represent. For example:  

O'Neil Ridley/Hellmuth/Southwest/Off-campus Rep(s): The candidate(s) running for O'Neil Rep can only be voted in by students who live in O'Neil Ridley. Likewise, the Off-Campus Rep can only be voted in by first year students living off-campus etc. 

USC Residence Rep: This is the only first year representative position that can be voted in by all first year students, regardless of what residence they live in or if they are off-campus. 

Department Rep: This position is elected by second, third or fourth year students who are enrolled in that department. For example, the Psychology Representative can only be voted in by students who are enrolled in a Psychology program. The Economics Representative can only be voted in by students who are enrolled in a Economics program etc.

International Student Rep: This position can be elected by all international students at Huron. 

Mature Student Rep:  This position can be elected by all mature students at Huron. 

What does a Representative do:

The main purpose of a representative is to represent the interests and needs of the constituents they are elected by. For example, the O'Neil Ridley Residence Rep(s) are supposed to represent the interests and needs of residents of O'Neil Ridley and the International student Rep represents International Students, and the same goes for all other representative positions and their respective constituents. 

All members of the HUCSC attend "General Assembly" meetings which take place at 1:30pm on a Sunday every 3 weeks. This is especially important for elected representatives to attend, as this is where they can legislate by creating, debating and voting on motions, provide input from their constituents and provide direction to the Executive.  Representatives may also serve on standing committees to study issues and opportunities facing the organization, and propose legislation in response to their research.

All first year representatives also sit on the "First Year Caucus", which meets more regularly than the General Assembly and provides a unique opportunity to discuss first year issues and plan first year events and initiatives. 

What does a Commissioner do?

Commissioners apply for positions via a resume & cover letter process and are then selected for interviews. Each member of the HUCSC Executive is responsible for a portfolio: The President for the Presidential Portfolio, the VP University Affairs for the University Affairs Portfolio, The VP Communications for the Communications Portfolio, the VP Student Life for the Student Life portfolio and the VP Finance for the Finance Portfolio. Each HUCSC Executive member appoints Commissioners to their portfolio that are responsible for various tasks, ranging from event-planning, to governance & policy writing, to managing clubs and athletics or website and social media and many more. 

What is the USC Residence Rep:

The USC Residence Rep is a first year representative position who's main responsibility in addition to the one listed above, is to attend monthly Council meetings at the main campus University Students' Council ( http://westernusc.ca/ ) with the HUCSC President and upper year USC Rep. 

I'm not a Huron student, but I live in a Huron Residence, can I run for a Residence Rep position?

Yes, as a resident of Huron, you are eligible to run for the position that represents the Residence you live in.

What is the All Candidates Meeting?

It is a mandatory meeting for all candidates running for an elected position, immediately prior to the beginning of the campaign period. The Chief Returning Officer and Deputy Returning Officer (they oversee Elections and enforce Election regulations) will brief you on campaign rules and regulations and will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

If you have any more questions or require more information, please email HUCSC President Moustafa Ezz at president@myhuron.ca