Internal Restructuring - Now Hiring!


The HUCSC has undergone some dramatic internal restructuring upon the arrival of the all new, 2015-2016 Exec Team. Basically, what were previously known as comissioners have been divided into Associate VPs, Coordinators, and Commissioners. Additionally, the new Exec Team will be hiring an office intern or "Chief Operating Officer" to do some of the more day to day menial tasks. Huron Student Council has voted to make some of these positions paid by honararia at the end of the electoral term (March).

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Get Involved

NOW HIRING: Red Surge Team Member

  • These people are the bread and butter of HUCSC promotions. From getting out the vote to Rez Sweeps and recruitment, these outgoing individuals truly bridge the information gap between the Exec and the average student. Reporting directly to the AVP Marketing and VP Communications they do not attend general assembly meetings.

NOW HIRING: Commissioner (Unpaid Volunteer)

  • This role is expected to take on only specific tasks of the portfolio assigned by an AVP or VP. Despite the more laid-back nature of the role, and usually not having to attend general assembly meetings, they are still expected to make all portfolio meetings.

HIRED: Associate VP - AVP

  • This type of position is in constant communication with their respective VP and is generally expected to take on the greater part of portfolio's smaller tasks and meet deadlines. They take an active role in general assembly portfolio reports.

  • Honoraria: ~$500



  • This title is reserved for various pecuiliar jobs that take on a role in leading other volunteers to achieve broader HUCSC objectives. They are expected to attend general assembly meetings.

  • Honoraria: ~$300

TBA: Chief Operating Officer - COO

  • That this position has been described as "a half an Exec"  is telling of the huge commitment the 2015-2016 Exec Team wants to see out of a COO. The position has never existed before but there has long been a need for an office manager capable of freeing the Exec Team to tackle the bigger issues. They do not attend general assembly meetings.

  • Honoraria: ~$2500

Posted on April 8, 2015 .