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HUCSC is a very malleable organization - it truly is what you make of it. We are always welcome to suggestions for new initiatives, events, and council positions that let you get involved. If you are passionate about making a change on campus or filling a void where our services may be lacking, come forward and talk to a member of the HUCSC.

positions available in fall 2019

Appointed Positions

Elected Positions

  • BHTS Representative

  • CGS Representative

  • Poli Sci Representative

  • French & East Asian Studies Representative

  • English Representative

  • History Representative

  • Psychology Representative

  • Hellmuth Representative

  • O’Neil/Ridley Representative x2

  • Southwest Representative

  • Off Campus Representative x2

  • International Student Representative

  • Exchange Student Representative

  • Mature Student Representative

  • Residence Life Staff Representative

Nomination Form

IMPORTANT!! ALL candidates meeting on September 22nd at 8pm (location TBD). Email nomination forms to before this meeting, or bring to the all candidates meeting. Campaign period will run from Monday, September 23rd to Sunday, September 29th. Voting period will be September 30th and October 1st.

Want to create a new hucsc position?

A student government is what the students make of it. If you have an idea for an event or are passionate about an initiative, it is most likely that there are other students on campus who feel the same way. Listed below are some “gaps” (no central point person) in the service offerings for HUCSC. If you would like to be a part of HUCSC and are passionate about one of these areas, come talk to us in the office across from the SAC or during our office hours.

  • Student/campus safety

  • Community partnerships and relations

  • Student feedback

  • HUCSC elections awareness

  • HUCSC engagement - external and internal

  • Gender-based violence - sexual violence included

  • Affordability advocacy

  • Career advocacy

  • Gender-identifying spaces

  • Exec outreach

  • Student leader development