Inam Teja

President - president@myhuron.ca

As President, I am responsible for overseeing the overall direction and operations of the HUCSC. It is the duty of the President to understand the direction in which Huron students would like to see Huron move forth and, subsequently, to use all the resources in his or her power to see that direction through. I collaborate with the Vice Presidents to see how their respective portfolios can influence change at Huron and meet the demands of Huron students. I also partner with every level of Huron administration to provide the student input in the development of the strategic direction of Huron. I sit on Huron’s highest governing bodies: the Executive Board and Corporation.

As well as my internal obligations, I am also responsible for advocating the interests of Huron students to members of the greater Western and London communities. I am a member of the University Students’ Council (USC), Western’s student governing body. As such, I sit in on their meetings and provide the input of Huron students on how Western resources should be best allocated. We have a great relationship with our fellow affiliates, Brescia and Kings, as well as with the Executive for the USC.


Charlie Echlin

Vice President Student Affairs - vpstudentaffairs@myhuron.ca

The Vice President of Student Affairs works to enhance the social, cultural, and academic life of Huron students through various forms of advocacy. The Student Affairs portfolio is built upon the three pillars of advocacy, student services, and campus programming!


Sophie Koehn

Vice President Student Events - vpstudentevents@myhuron.ca

The Vice President Student Events works to make sure Huron students get the best university experience through special events on campus. A variety of events are available including formals, carnivals, volunteering, and bar nights. We plan multiple events that allows students to have memorable moments during their years at Huron and Western.


Madison Kerr

Vice President Finance and Administration - vpfinance@myhuron.ca

The Vice President of Finance & Administration is tasked with creating, and sticking to the council’s budget. This includes writing cheques, paying invoices, and conducting payroll. They are responsible for ensuring that the corporation runs smoothly by working with the bookkeeper, lawyers, accountants, financial advisor, insurance provider, and administrators. Partnering with the bar manager, Megan, this vp oversees Beaver Dam Bar operations and renting of the SAC. Handling merchandise also falls under this portfolio. The Vice President of Finance & Administration sits on multiple Huron College committees, as well as the HUCSC clubs and finance committees. 


Husam Sabaa-Ayoun

Vice President Communications -vpcommunications@myhuron.ca

The Vice-President of Communications is tasked with promoting events run by the HUCSC both on and off campus. This includes running the HUCSC social media pages, creating posters and running the Red Surge Promotions Team. The Communications Portfolio is also responsible for sitting in on monthly meetings with administration to ensure that both parties are aware of the activities taking place on and around campus.